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Alliance Trust Company received its Charter and Letters Patent from the Alberta Government, to operate as a trust company, on December 3, 2007. It is a privately held corporation with shares beneficially owned by Zinat H. Damji and Stuart G. Clark, both of Calgary (Canada).


Zinat H. Damji, the founder and President of Alliance Trust Company is no stranger to the world of Corporate Trust and Stock Transfer Services. With a track record of having founded and run a successful trust company (Valiant Trust Company) once before, she brings to Alliance an even higher degree of sophistication of the industry as well as the business world. A number of industry veterans have joined Zinat and together with support staff make a powerful Alliance team. Guided by a strong Board of Directors, the Alliance team brings over 100 years of experience to the table.


Together with you, we look forward to building long term, powerful alliances!




  • 100% of our focus and efforts are dedicated to providing the highest level of service in the field of Corporate Trust and Stock Transfer

  • We take a proactive approach to assisting our clients in meeting all of their requirements

  • Our attention to detail is second to none and follow through on every aspect is a given

  • We handle shareholder inquiries in a timely and professional manner

  • Our team of experts is always ready to work with you on a personalized level

  • Our commitment to keeping abreast of the ever changing technology and industry initiatives is unwavering

  • We make every effort to surpass our clients’ expectations

ZHD - No Background.png
Zinat H. Damji
President & CEO
Miguel Lahud
Director, Client Services & Securities
Elena Deary
Director, Securities
& Special Projects
MV - No Background.png
Marichu Velasco
Administrator, Securities
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