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What is SEDI and who must use it?


An initiative of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CAS) and CDS Inc., SEDI is the on‐line computer system providing for the transmission, receipt
SEDI stands for System for Electronic Disclosure byInsiders
, review

and dissemination of Insider Trading reports and related information filed electronically.


Is your corporation a SEDI – Issuer?


All reporting issuers, (except mutual funds) that file disclosure documents in SEDAR, must file information on SEDI unless exempted. These issuers are referred to as SEDI-Issuers.

As a SEDI Issuer, you need to:

  • ensure your SEDAR profile is accurate and up to date;

  • register on SEDI;

  • file your Issuer Profile Supplement (within 3 business days);

  • on a continuous basis, file any change in the information disclosed.

Failure to file will result in a breach of the securities law. The securities regulatory authorities can take certain actions against Issuers not complying with the law, including placing the Issuer on a public default list.


Who is designated as an Insider?


All directors and senior officers of a corporation, and those who may be presumed to have access to inside information concerning the corporation are considered to be Insiders. Additionally, anyone holding 10% or more of the voting shares in a corporation is considered to be an Insider.

Upon becoming an Insider, he/she must immediately register as a SEDI user. Thereafter, an Insider Trading report must be filed within 5 calendar days of the trade.

Failure to file on a timely basis will result in a breach of the securities law.


Can a SEDI Filing Agent act on your behalf (Issuer and Insiders)?


As an Issuer, you may want to simplify this process and safeguard the interests of your corporation (the Issuer) as well as of your Insiders (Directors and Officers/largest shareholders), by hiring the services of a SEDI Filing Agent.






Advantages of using Alliance Trust Company as your SEDI Filing Agent:


  1. Dependable and Knowledgeable

  2. Cost Effective


We specialize in Corporate Trust and Stock Transfer services. We are very knowledgeable in the field of securities and have worked with publicly listed corporations of every size and nature. We understand the importance of filing your reports in an accurate and timely fashion. We are cognizant of the consequences of default.


As your SEDI Filing Agent:

Our knowledgeable and dependable team is always available to assist in sorting through every aspect of the SEDI reporting. You (the corporation/Issuer) and your Insiders (Directors/Officers) can rely on us. We diarize to contact you on the 1st business day of each month to remind you of your SEDI Insider obligation and of our availability to you.

Upon completion of the SEDI filing, we provide a confirmation. Your record keeping will be meticulous, and you will never have to worry about inadvertently breaching the securities law.


We will take this responsibility off your hands! As an Issuer, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your Trust Company will take care of your needs and that of your Insiders.


Our aim is to build long term relationships by providing the highest level of services in the most cost effective manner. We execute all our obligations with professionalism and integrity.



We are just a phone call or an email away from you!





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